Community Assistance Program (CAP)
Helping the Uninsured and the Underinsured in Your Neighborhood

We understand that you are interested in our program. Our distributors work hard to get their cards to as many people as possible. They offer guidance, help and information as well. In order to get you to the correct distributor we need their website identifier.

The website you typed in is not for a valid distributor. That is why you are here. Please retype the website with the full Distributor website identifier name (the identifier comes after the slash, like jzk1If below) that you were given.


Or, type the ID of your distributor here:   

If this does not work, please call 1-888-311-6224 and we will help you find your distributor. When you call, provide us with the distributor's name and we will look up the proper website name for that distributor. Your business is important to us and our distributors. Associating you with the proper distributor is imperative.